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About Us

When you are looking for a reliable company to complete your garage services, then you have found us. The Garage Door Repair of Leawood, MO is thrilled to offer our services to the Leawood community. Don’t stress over your garage door work let our techs handle it for you today.

Our Special Offers

Did you know that we have weekly specials to help save you money? We know that repairs can get expensive and we want to to give back when we can. These coupons do vary from week to week and you will need to speak with someone to let them know that you plan on using a coupon.

Tired Of Your Home Exterior?

You can dress up your home and change the look just by upgrading or adding a new garage door system. This also a way that you can add more value to your home without breaking the bank. Our office can show you all the available options that you have to choose from.

Take a peek at a few of the models below:

  • Traditional Steel
  • The Durafirm Collection
  • Traditional Wood
  • The Envy Collection
  • The Courtyard Collection
  • Modern Aluminum
  • Impression Steel
  • The Carriage House Collection
  • Impression Fiberglass
  • Courtyard Wind Load
  • Signature Carriage
  • And Many More

You will find so many beautiful models that you can pick from. You can order the plain version or add all the great features. The choices are yours to make.

We Service The Leawood Neighborhood

It is with great pleasure that we provide garage assistance to the Leawood community. Leawood is in Newton County, Missouri. This small village is also included in the Joplin, Missouri Metropolitan Statistical Area.

If you are passing through we would like to welcome you to our neighborhood. Our office has listed a few things that we thought you might enjoy. Please take a moment to browse our list below:

  • Taste of Kansas City Food Tours - this is a very popular tourist attraction in our town.
  • Ironwoods Park - you can rent a cabin, hike around the water and more.
  • Leawood City Park - walk around the water and see the ducks. Enjoy a quiet picnic with your family.

This village may be small but it has many attractions.

Torsion Springs VS Extension Springs

Torsion springs turn when the door is in operation and do not completely extend out. These springs are also good if you do not care for the jerking action that a door can do upon opening. Torsion springs also have a reputation for lasting longer.

Extension springs expand all the way out to open the door. These springs require more working parts and can need more maintenance. Extension springs can also be more dangerous because when they break they have been known to fly off and break a window or damage something inside your garage.

Let Us Work For You

Did you know that it is our mission to serve everyone on the very day that they call us? Our team here at Garage Door Repair of Leawood can take care of any garage door problem that you have. Please call our office for same day appointments.

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Payment Methods:

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To schedule an inspection by professional technician in Leawood please visit Garage Door Repair Leawood , MO